Sociology Optional – Research Methods and Analysis (Day-8)

Syllabus of Day-8
Research Methods and Analysis
a. Qualitative and quantitative methods
b. Techniques of data collection – Part 1
Source – IGNOU MSO-002

Q1. Write short note on content analysis.150 words, 10marks.

How to attempt this question
Introduction – Write what is content analysis. Introduction should be of 3 to 4 lines. No need to elaborate introduction.
In the body – You have to write a detailed explanation of content analysis. what are its pros and cons, why it is important?
Conclusion – You should write a straightforward balanced conclusion.

Q2. What is sampling. Discuss different methods of sampling.

Introduction-write what is sampling.
In body – You need to elaborate on sampling and you have to write different methods of sampling.You also have to mention where these methods are used. You can mention briefly their characteristics.
Conclusion – You have to write straight forward and balanced conclusion.

Q3. Write short note on Participant observation.

Introduction – Write what is participant observation
Body – Explain in detail what is participant observation, what are its characteristics, what are its pros and cons, and where it is used.
Conclusion – Write balanced and state forward conclusion

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