Sociology Optional – Research Methods and Analysis (Day-9)

Syllabus of Day-9
Research Methods and Analysis
a. Techniques of data collection (Part-2)
b. Variables, sampling, hypothesis, reliability
Source – IGNOU MSO-002

Q1. Write short note on qualitative and quantitative methods. (250words, 20marks)

How to attempt this question:
Introduction – write what is a qualitative and quantitative method.
In body – write features of qualitative and quantitative methods, where they are used, pros and cons of these methods.
Conclusion write a straightforward balanced conclusion.

Q2. Write short note on Hypothesis. (150 words, 10marks)

How to attempt this question-
Introduction – Write what do you understand by hypothesis
In body – Elaborate more on hypothesis, how it is formed, prerequisites for the formation of a hypothesis, why it is important, limitations of the hypothesis
Conclusion – Write a balanced and straightforward conclusion.

Q3. Write short note on : survey. (150 words 10 marks.)

How to attempt this question
Introduction – Write what do you understand by the word survey.
Inbody – Elaborate on survey, where it is used, why it is important, what are its prerequisites, what are its characteristics.
Conclusion – Write balanced conclusion

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