Sociology Optional-Social Change in Modern Society, part-I (Day-38)

Syllabus of Day – 38 :
Social Change in Modern Society
a. Sociological theories of social change
b. Development and dependency.
Source :

Q1. Write short note on cyclic theory of social change.(150 words, 10 marks.)

Introduction – Write what is cyclic theories of social change. The main proponents of this theory are Pareto,Sorokin, Toynbee, Spengler.
Body – You have to write about the cyclic theory of every thinker that I have mentioned in the introduction.
Conclusion – Write a straight forward conclusion.

Q2. Write short note on Latin American perspective on dependency. (150 words, 10 marks)

Introduction – Write what is a dependency or else you can write a brief about the Latin American perspective on dependency-they rejected the notion of underdevelopment of countries is due to their own culture and institutional fault.
Body – Explain other points about the Latin American perspective on dependency. You can mention criticism of theory in brief.
Conclusion – Write a speed forward conclusion.

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