Sociology Optional – Sociological Thinkers, Emile Durkheim (Day-12)

Sociological Thinkers
2. Emile Durkheim
a. Division of labour IGNOU ESO-13 CHAPTER 20
b. social fact IGNOU ESO 13-10

Q1.Compare Karl Marx’s division of labor theory with Emile Durkheim’s division of labor theory. 150 words 10 marks.(UPSC CSE mains 2013)

Introduction-first write what is division of labour.
Body-compare both thinker’s view on division of labour in detail. body of this question should be very straight forward and to the point.
Conclusion-write straight forward but balanced conclusion.

Q2. Elaborate on concept of social fact as understood by Emile Durkheim. 150 words, 10 marks.

Introduction-right what is social fact.
Body-basically you need to explain concept of social fact given by emile durkheim. So there are less variations possible answers of different students. Simply explain concept of social fact. Write different examples.
Conclusion-write simple straight forward conclusion.

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