Sociology Optional – Sociological Thinkers, Emile Durkheim (Day-15)

Sociological Thinkers
2.Emile Durkheim
b. religion and society IGNOU ESO-13 CHAPTER 19

Q1.Explain Emile Durkheim’s basic arguments on suicide. Analyse high suicide rates in contemporary Indian society with Durkheim’s theory- 250 words, 20 marks.

How to attempt this question-
Introduction – First right theory of suicide given by Durkheim in brief.
Body – Elaborate on theory of suicide. Then analyse suicides in contemporary society with the help of different types of suicide given by Durkheim.
Conclusion – Conclusion must be suggestive in nature. You can mention way forward in brief in conclusion.

Q2. Discuss Durkheim’s theory of religion and society. 250 words,20 marks.

How to attempt this question Introduction – write in brief about durkheim theory of religion.
Body – explain different segments of this theory such as sacred and profane, totem etc. Write relevant examples.
You can mention criticism of the theory in brief.
Conclusion – write straight forward balance conclusion

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