Sociology Optional – Sociological Thinkers, KARL MARX (Day-10)

Syllabus of Day-10
Sociological Thinkers
a. Historical materialism IGNOU ESO 13 CHAPTER 6
b. mode of production IGNOU ESO 13 CHAPTER 7

Q1)Analyse the salient features of “Historical Materialism”. (-250 words.20 marks)

How to attempt this question-
Introduction – Write what is historical materialism.
In body – Elaborate on historical materialism and write silent features.
Conclusion – Simple straight forward conclusion is expected.

Q2. What do you mean by forces of production? Discuss four modes of production as given by Karl Marx. (250 words,20marks)

How to attempt this question- Introduction – Write what do you mean by forces production.
Body – Elaborate on what is forces of production and write four modes of production. You can mention about those 4 modes of production in brief.
Conclusion – Right straight forward and balanced conclusion.

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