Sociology Optional – Sociological Thinkers, Max Weber (Day-16)

Q1. Write short note on-concept of Ideal types and it’s limitations. (150 words, 10 marks)

How to attempt this question-
Introduction – Write in brief what is Max Weber’s ideal type theory.
Body – Explain the theory of Ideal types, how they are constructed, write some examples where ideal types can be used, and write limitations.
Conclusion – Write a straight forward balanced conclusion.

Q2. Discuss Max Weber’s theory of social action and it’s types. (200 words, 20 marks)

How to attempt this question
Introduction – Right what is social action and why it is important in sociological studies.
Body – Explain in detail what is social action, its four types, limitations of social actions, etc.
Conclusion – Write straight forward and balanced conclusion

Q3. Examine salient features of Weberian bureaucracy. (150 words,10 marks)

How to attempt this question
Introduction – Write in brief the concept of Weberian bureaucracy.
Body – Explain in detail the concept of bureaucracy given by Max Weber, its salient features, pros, and cons.
Conclusion – Write a simple straight forward conclusion.

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