Sociology Optional – Sociological Thinkers, Max Weber (Day-17)

Sociological Thinkers
3.Max Weber
d. bureaucracy (IGNOU MPS-003 CHAPTER 9)
e. protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism (IGNOU ESO-13 CHAPTER 19)

Q1. What s authority as explained by Max Weber. Examine its different types. (250 words, 20 marks)

How to attempt this question-
Introduction – Write what is authority explained by Max Weber.
Body – Elaborate more on authority. And explain types of authority with proper examples.
Conclusion – Write simple straight forward conclusion

Q2. Critically examine Weber’s theory of protestant ethics and spirit of capitalism. (250 words, 20 marks)

Introduction – Writing brief what is theory of protestant ethics given by Max Weber.
Body – Explain in detail theory of protestant ethics and spirit of capitalism. Here you have to to explain both the sides of question that is positive and negative with more inclination towards its criticism.
Conclusion – Write balanced conclusion mostly.

Model Answer of Day 17
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