Sociology Optional– Sociology as Science (Day-3)

Syllabus of day – 3
a. Science, scientific method and critique.
Source – IGNOU ESO-13, CHAPTER 10
b. Major theoretical strands of research methodology.
Source – IGNOU MSO-002

Q1) Write a short note on Comparative method of Sociological Reserch ?

How to attempt this question Introduction – first you need to write what is comparative method as introduction.
Body – In the body you have to explain details about the comparative method, where it is used, what are its pros and cons. you have to write some examples where the comparative method is used for analysis.
Conclusion – Write a balanced conclusion.

Q2. Describe basic postulates of scientific method. How far it is used in sociological research ?

How to attend this Question :
Introduction – Here you need to to write what is scientific method as introduction
Body – In body right what are features and characteristics of the scientific method. You need to write examples where the scientific method is used for social logical research.
Conclusion – Write balance conclusion

Q3. Write short note on- Nomothetic and Ideographic methods?

How to attempt this question
Introduction – write what is nomothetic and idiographic methods.
Body – In body write silent features of nomothetic and idiographic methods. Write examples where nomothetic and idiographic methods are used. Write pros and cons of these methods
Conclusion – Write balanced conclusion

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