Sociology Optional– Sociology as Science (Day-4)

Syllabus of day – 4    c. Positivism and its critique.
Source – IGNOU MSO-002 CHAPTER 7
d. Fact value and objectivity-part1

Q1. Is sociology a science? Give reasons for your answer 

How to attempt this question? Here you have to write balanced view.
Introduction-you can simply write what is sociology.
In body-you need to write both arguments in favour of statement given and against the statement given. But the content should be balanced. you have to balance both the few points.
Conclusion-it is better to conclude on positive note. Or else you can write conclusion on the theme that sociology is a blend of scientific aspects and common sense perspective.

Q2. Write short note on fact, value, objectivity.

How to attempt this question? This is very simple and straightforward question.
Introduction-you can simply right definitions of fact, value and objectivity.
In body-you can write characteristics of the three. You can mention why it is important to balance all about three aspects that is fact value and objectivity.
Conclusion-conclusion you can write how above three things really important in any sociological research.

Q3. Write short note on problems of objectivity in sociological research.

How to attempt this question?
Introduction-you can simply right what is objectivity
Body-you need to write various dimensions to explain how it is difficult to maintain objectivity in sociological the same time you can write briefly about why it is important to maintain objectivity in any sociological research.
Conclusion-here you have to conclude on positive note or with balanced conclusion.

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