Sociology Optional – Systems of Kinship (Day-33)

Syllabus of Day – 33

Systems of Kinship
a. Family, household,marriage.
b. Types and forms of family.


Q1. Write short note on emerging trends in family and marraige as response to changes in economic and social order. ( 150 words, 10 marks )

Introduction – Write in brief about how changes are visible in these two institutions nowadays.
Body – Elaborate how and why the changes in family and marriage institutions are seen. Write emerging trends with help of example.
Conclusion – Write balanced conclusion.

Q2. Write short note on types and forms of family. ( 150 words, 10 marks )

Introduction – Write what is family.
Body – Elaborate on family. Write its different types such as matriarchal, patriarchal,nuclear etc.
Conclusion – Write balanced conclusion.

Sociology Optional Day – 32

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