Sociology Optional – Systems of Kinship (Day-36)

Syllabus and Source for Day – 36
c. Lineage and descent
Source – IGNOU MSO-004 CHAPTER 12
d. Patriarchy and sexual division of labour
Source – IGNOU MSO-004 CHAPTER 27, IGNOU MWG-002

Q1. Discuss concept of patriarchal bargain as gendered division of work in contemporary India. (150 words, 10 marks)

Introduction – What is a patriarchal bargain
Body – Elaborate on it. Write different examples where we can see a patriarchal bargain as a gendered division of work.
Conclusion – Right way forward or hopeful conclusion

Q2. Define descent groups. What are possible avenues for the transmission of descent group membership from parents to child? (150 words, 10 marks.)

Introduction – Define descent groups.
Body – Elaborate more on descent groups. Write in brief functions of descent groups. Then write possible avenues eg unilineal descent, bilineal, etc.
Conclusion – Write straight forward, balanced conclusion.

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