Sociology Optional – Works and Economic Life (Day-26)

a. Social organization of work indifferent types of society- slave society, feudal society,industrial /capitalist society.
Source – IGNOU MSO-001, CHAPTER 13,14,15 IGNOU MSO-004, CHAPTER 10
b. Formal and informal organization of work
Source – IGNOU MSO-004, CHAPTER 19,20,21
c. Labour and society
Source – IGNOU ESO-16, CHAPTER 9,10,11,12

Q1. Distinguish between social organization of work in feudal society and in capitalist society. (150 words, 10 marks)

Introduction – mention in brief about social organization and society and capitalist society.
Body – elaborate on the social organization of work in both the societies Android difference between two.
Conclusion – write straight forward balance conclusion.

Q2. Write short note on formal and informal organisation. (150 words 10 marks)

Introduction – this is a very straightforward question right what is formal and what is informal organization.
Body – write features of both types of organizations. Advantages, drawbacks examples, etc.
Conclusion – right balance straightforward conclusion.

Q3. Examine the social impact of globalisation on labour and society. (150 words 10 marks)

Introduction – here you can write various types of introductions. You may start from globalization or from labour and society.
Body – here you need to elaborate social impacts of globalization on labour and society. Write different examples. Write both positive and negative impacts.
Conclusion – Mention way forward in brief.

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